Each member of our core technical team has substantial experience in software development and business technology consulting. Each core member holds a responsibility for leading the development of high-quality and large-scale software application projects across mulitple segments of industries and utilizing multiple propgramming languages and technology platforms to execute clients' solutions.

Our high experienced professional team takes the time to understand your business and strive to make the most strategic and effective way. We work closely with you at every stage of the software development life cycle to acheive the best possible results for your business.

Our core capabilities include but not limited to are:

  • Web Design - database-centric, web development, dynamic
  • Object Oriented and Database Development - analysis, modeling, design, and implementing
  • Project Management
  • Software Process Improvement
  • Technology - multiple programming languages/platforms and tools
  • Database - SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Access, My SQL

Our desire is to provide the maximum value to our clients and a passion for constant improvement of our skills.